Saturday, May 23, 2009

being added to the mix . . .

The children have been working hard getting some planting done around the place. The garden now has some plants in it, with more to come. The boys have tried to tackle the big job of setting up a sturdy structure for the tomatoes to grow up on, and all the girls planted some herbs and some flowers up near the house. They also found some wild onions in the woods and took some starters from them to plant. It is a VERY GOOD THING to see children working in the dirt, planning where to put crops, and tending to them. I am excited to see the addition of a few more animals being added to the mix this next week. We were supposed to receive chickens this week, but due to an order mishap, we won't get them until next week. The straight run of 50 Buff Orpingtons will be arriving at our local post office for us to pick up. A straight run is when a group of chickens are scooped up without regards to the sex of the chicken. You get what you get. We are hoping to get a mix of course of layers for egg production, some to use as meat birds to eat, and we will keep a cock or two to help fertilize some eggs. It all A NEW WORLD of information and practice for us.

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