Tuesday, December 30, 2008

still on the cob . . .

Our most recent adventure has been shelling popcorn. A couple of weeks ago we noticed the field behind the woods was filled with corn that was left behind from the combine. The children asked if they could "glean" the fields and bring it home. Before this, we had never seen popcorn still on the cob. The corn cob is as long as regular sweet corn, but not as big in diameter. We shelled probably 20 cobs and got a gallon jar FULL of popcorn. This harvest is only one third of what they picked up from the field. The picture shows the children's hands BUSY at work shelling!


rob said...

Looks great Garth. Now all you need is enough movies to go with the popcorn. ;)

lov said...

i would never leave home
i love popcorn!
i'm still trying to convince kyle that popcorn is a good meal, moring....noon....and night!
it is for sure my fav!!