Sunday, November 11, 2007

recent photos

For those who have been asking to see updated you go. These were taken at Bur Mills Park in the city of Greensboro. We have been attending a church that meets there at the community center and spend time at the park after the meal together. It is a really pretty place and full of geographical history. There is no need to post pictures of Ildi or me because we still look the same as several years ago. If you forget what we look like, just pull out an old picture, put a few pounds on, grey the hair only slightly, and there we are!


Tramp said...

That is a very nice family you have there Garth, congratulations. And a nice site as well.

Thanks for stopping at my site. I do appreciate everyone who stops and reads.

I hope you don't mind, but I promoted your site. It's such a nice, warm site. However, the last time I did something like that for Judi (Dave Barry's assistant, she has a music site), she received 20,000 hits the first day and her site crashed! Oops! I'm still apologizing!

I know you already know this, but you are a lucky man, Garth. What you probably don't realize (and it is true) is that you are indeed a richer man than Bill Gates. And a nicer man, I'm sure (I know Bill, I used to work with him). Plus you are better looking than Bill!

Enjoy every minute with your six gifts from above, and may God bless each and every one of you repeatedly. You are the living example of how a life should be lived. I imagine that even Jesus himself smiles when he thinks of you! Of that you should be proud.

Sweet said...

Enjoy those kids...they will be up and gone before you know...keep writing...its good for your soul...

southerngirl said...

me too, also!

i agree with tramp and sweet

you have a beautiful, wonderful family, and as the oldest of 7 kids in my family, i have a great appreciation for same :)

oh, and if your site crashes?

it's tramp's fault

sweet and i had nothing to do with it ;)