Sunday, October 20, 2013

 This is me in my happy place.  :)
 And today was all about getting ready for the winter.  Today I cleaned the stove out, cleaned out the stove pipe, and checked the chimney to make sure it is ready for burning.
 And later in the day Asher and I added some glass to the outside of the chicken barn.  Past years we put plastic up, and then fought with it all winter tearing from the wind.  This year we are installing some extra patio glass I had left over from building the greenhouse.
 Amory has been out and about taking photos around the farm.  It is great to see her develop an eye for photos.
 Last week we got a new batch of chicken in.  The glass on the house is going to keep them warm this winter.
The sheep are all together now.  Come spring we should be adding around five more to our existing flock

Saturday, October 5, 2013

the close of summer 2013 . . .

Time never waits for anyone.  It just methodically ticks on, and we all are subject to the constant pace at which it keeps.

These past two months though, seemed to go by just a little quicker than normal!

The close of summer this year went well.  We worked fairly hard on getting most of the manure out of the barn, and started laying plastic down in the garden for the permanent rows that we are creating.  The manure made an excellent strip for next years planting and the paths are going to make it easier for us to access plants.  One of the local tree trimming companies dropped off about 4 tons of mulch for me to use.  For FREE.  I let them park their trucks here at the farm instead of running the gas out of them driving them back to their office.  It was definitely one of those win-win situations. The permaculture planting  plan I have is going to take us several more years until we get the system up and running smoothly.  It is hard not to just till the ground and throw some seeds in it.  The piles of mulch are just waiting on me to spread them.  :)
 I also put in another pergola for shade, and drug an old fence out of the woods to double as a grape arbor.  Next spring I am planning on planting some grapes, and run flower beds down all the sides of the garden plots.
The property was full of these metal poles and I finally came up with an idea for them.  I stored them for awhile not knowing what I wanted to do with them , but now they stand upright, around 12 feet in the air, like a tepee.  I transplanted some honeysuckle and some trumpet vines to start covering the poles.  Once the plants have covered the poles I will stretch some of the scrap wire I have around them to create a "wall" around the structure.  The goal is to have a completely covered tepee with organic, living material.  Cut the door out of the plants, and then we'll be able to sit inside of it.
 Another area I worked on this summer was a pole that housed the TV antennae from the previous owners.  I had painted it earlier to get it to blend into the background, but then erected the birdhouse this year.  I LOVE birdhouses and it is in my view when I look out the patio window.
 Maine had built a small sculpture out of nails and wood so I attached it to the side of the house.  The elements outside are making it look nicely weathered.

In August, in conjunction with Macy's birthday, we had a dance in the Big Barn.  An official "square dance" kind of dance.  For the past six months or so we have been attending a dance once a month that is put on by the Northwest Ohio Traditional Music And Dance organizations.  It is a dance once a month that focuses on Contra Dancing for all that want to participate.  Young and old, experienced or not.  And since we all love dancing, we decided to hold one one our farm, and in our extremely LARGE barn,  And that night was a BLAST!  For all that came.  Around 60 (give or take a few) friends and new acquaintances came out for the evening.  I hired a caller (the person that tells you how to dance) and a local quartet band for the event.  By far it is one of the most enjoyable events that I have organized for our family, and one that I have had the most fun participating in.

And then there is the constant creating that goes on IN our home.  If it is not scars being drawn on faces, it is AMORY wanting to make me Vulcan!  Last night she proposed to draw on me to create my Vulcan counterpart.  What's a little Sharpie Marker on the face when your as old as I am huh?  Who are these people!  :)  And I personally thought I looked more Romulan than Vulcan.

Gresham had done a painting awhile ago and it turned out to be a hot, purple mess.  He put it up above the chalkboard with the letter F that I found at a second hand shop two years ago.  Weeks went by, and then an idea popped in my head about having our name spelled out with different materials.  Asher cut the O for me, I painted the U on the front of Gresham's work, and then scrounged around to find some sort of metal T.  The hinge worked out great.  So a few nights ago I hung them all above the chalkboard in our family room.  I love art like this.