Friday, June 27, 2014

graduation dance . . .

Yet another one done with schooling here at home!

This past week was our celebration of Amory's High School Graduation.  And we did it with a BARN SQUARE DANCE. Instead of following the traditional graduation party with stuffy old people sitting around eating and talking, and having the graduate thank them for coming while they hand them cards and money, we decided that we would throw a party that had all the participant, young and old, have to interact with one another and learn something new.
It was a fun night for us here. And it seemed that almost all that attended had a great time as well.


Anonymous said...

Congratulations to your beautiful graduate. Sounds like your party was the kind the paper used to call "a good time was had by all". What are her future plans?

foutfolk said...

Nancy...It WAS a whole lot of fun for everyone. I think the part I like the best is that every one was an active participant, and not just sitting around and talking.
She got almost a whole FULL RIDE music scholarship (for viola) to BGSU. She attended a community college for her Senior year and now just needs to get through the music ed program there. Thanks for your kind words!