Saturday, January 25, 2014

traction . . .

Ask me how happy I am with my new/used car.  Go ahead, I DARE YOU.  :)

Two weeks ago I bought the car that I have been wanting for YEARS.  A Black, Volvo Station Wagon.  I know, it seems like an old man's car, but hey, I AM an old man.

It is a 2002 AWD V70 with leather heated seats, and a trunk that is waist high.  Since I bought it I put new brakes on, and just now had to replace the steering wheel pump.  But since I got a great deal on it, it was not a big deal to get those things fixed.  In fact, I still have spent WAY less than the KBB suggested price for it.

The traction on it is excellent, and the features on the car make my ride to school a pleasure.  And since I have newer wheels to get me to and from, I gave the girls the Chevy Malibu as "their" car to run themselves around.  Amory takes it to college two days a week, and both Amory and Macy use it to get to orchestra practice together.  And since Macy has orthodontist appointments, she schedules her own times and drives herself there.  YEAH for me.


MrJmustang68 said...

I can help you turn it into a family trickster lol

Diane Wilson said...

How happy are you with your new used car? Haha! I don't really think I, or anybody for that matter, has to ask. We can obviously tell how the AWD V70 is making you happy. Anyway, congratulations on getting your dream car! I have always dreamt about having a '67 Impala. Still working on that one, though. Kudos!

Diane Wilson @ Fletcher Chrysler