Sunday, October 20, 2013

 This is me in my happy place.  :)
 And today was all about getting ready for the winter.  Today I cleaned the stove out, cleaned out the stove pipe, and checked the chimney to make sure it is ready for burning.
 And later in the day Asher and I added some glass to the outside of the chicken barn.  Past years we put plastic up, and then fought with it all winter tearing from the wind.  This year we are installing some extra patio glass I had left over from building the greenhouse.
 Amory has been out and about taking photos around the farm.  It is great to see her develop an eye for photos.
 Last week we got a new batch of chicken in.  The glass on the house is going to keep them warm this winter.
The sheep are all together now.  Come spring we should be adding around five more to our existing flock

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LauraT said...

Lovely...idyllic in many ways...