Friday, June 7, 2013

a great amount of fun . . .

Besides having school off until the end of August, the summer is always full of GREAT activities.  Activities like dancing and building!
For the past several weeks we have been attending some somewhat local Contra Dances that are put on by the NOTMAD group here in Ohio.  It is an non profit organization that seeks to gather those interested in participating in and helping to get others involved in traditional folk dancing.  It is a lot like square dancing, with different types of combinations.  Easy to learn, and TONS of fun.
Amory and Macy went with me the first time when the youngers were visiting their mother for the weekend.  And since then, I have taken different groups of the children with me to join with others for a three hour evening of dancing.  It is a great amount of fun for all ages, and is a wonderful way to spent time together.

 And just this evening I finished the rustic log benches I made for Scott.  He is the one that gave me all the glass to build my greenhouse.  So in return, I built some furniture for his outdoor fire area.


LauraT said..., fun! And great exercise, too!

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