Friday, May 17, 2013

all growing up . . .


This past week, my little daughter, who is not so little anymore, left home.  Not forever, but what seems like forever now.  Being that this is her first time away from home, it was a happy, yet nerve racking departure.
About three weeks ago she was invited to go on tour with the Defiance College Choral group and perform at several places.  The choral group needed some stringed instruments to accompany them and she, along with four to five others, went with them out to Colorado for a ten day musical tour.


And then there was the ACT (American College Test) that needed to be taken in order to start applying to colleges.  Even though she is technically only a Junior in High School, I am shipping her to college next year as a Dual Enrolled student.  Her Senior year classes for homeschool will be her Freshman year classes that she takes.  The ACT (the SAT on the West Coast) is an assessment test that determines if the student is "ready" academically for college.  And if the student is not ready, usually colleges will require students to take remedial classes (lower than 100 level) that boosts their academic skills to prepare them for the classes that count towards a degree.  Most schools are looking for students to get above an 18-22 on all areas of the test in order not to take remedial classes.  And the more prestigious the school, typically the higher the score needed to gain admittance.
The ACT highest score is a Composite 36, and in order be considered for an Ivy League school, a student needs to score a 30 or above.  Top universities, liberal arts colleges, and top public universities will generally require a 26 Composite score or higher in order to be accepted.  And just last week, Amory got her score back from her first attempt at the test.  And it was the FIRST test she has ever taken!  Her composite score . . . 26!

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LauraT said...

So proud of all of you! Happy travels Amory!