Tuesday, April 2, 2013

spring new arrivals . . .

Spring time on the farm is EXCITING!  Especially when new life happens.  Two weeks ago we added another calf to the animal clan.  Gresham wants to name him steak.  He's going to be another meat animal two years from now . . . when he is close to 1500 pounds.  He is a Angus/Holstein cross and is a BEAUTIFUL glossy black coated bull.  Should be interesting to see him get bigger.

Currently are letting him nurse from Janey.  There is one teet that is always difficult to milk out, so we have given him the job to work for his milk.  It works out good for everyone involved.
And then yesterday in the afternoon, Amory noticed that Praline had her lambs.  She was on her bike riding back from Mr. Wilson's farm when she saw them out on the big pasture.  She came in and announced the new arrival of a ewe AND a ram.  They are really cute.  :)

This week is Spring Break for me as well, so I am getting to do tons of necessary spring work that the farm requires.  We have already repositioned all the bricks in the front planter, spring trimmed the fruit trees and the ones that are growing near the Big Barn. and I have done cosmetic work on our new (used) car.  Tomorrow we are going to clean up all the debris from winter and get the flower beds ready for new growth.

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