Tuesday, November 6, 2012

making decisions . . .

A couple of days ago, while we were eating supper, we were all having one of our usual conversations about . . . whatever the topic is at the moment!  It runs the gammet at our supper table.  And at one point in the conversation, the idea or question of how it would be too cold to go swimming came up.  Fast forward to the dare.
Asher was given the dare to jump in off the dock, and swim to the beach!  What motivated him to plundge into the 30° water on a cold 47° day was the $5.00 I told him I would give him if he did it.  And then Miss Leisa said she would add $5.00 to the pot, and Amory added her $5.00 to round it out to $15.00 for a little evening swim in a familiar pond.  :)  He didn't hestitate at all to jump in.

 And this is the "swim" around the filter part that started the heavy breathing.
 At this point he was panting trying to get oxygen to his lungs while the lower half of his body was going numb.
And by the time he reached the beach . . . he was in survival mode!  He said he was unable to breath very well and that his entire body was numb.

Now, as a dad, and once a young man his age. it was an interesting question as to whether he should have done the dare or not, or even that I should have dared him to do it at all.  I remember times like that when I was young.  Decisions being made as to whether I was going to be brave or not.  Whether I was going to be scared or not.  And decisions of whether I was going to rise to an occasion or not.  It is times like this, and situations like this, all done in fun of course, that young men find out what they are made of.  They find some internal resolve to be men.  To do things alone.  Do things that others wouldn't.  Even if it is only swimming in cold water.  It is a stance that gives each man a personal constitution that hopefully gets carried over to even bigger life decisions that have greater consequences, and are situations were they might have to do something that they might suffer a bit from.

He sure did earn some greater respect from his sisters and me!

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