Saturday, June 23, 2012

amish auction . . .

Two weekends ago, on Saturday, I took some Amish friends of mine down to an auction in Circleville, Ohio.  Circleville is about one hour south of the capital city of Columbus.  In addition to taking some Amish friends, Amory and Maine went with me as well.

We arrived around 8:30 am and stayed for a couple of hours before we left to go back to Columbus.  Since we left around 5:00 am we were still tired so we napped in the van a little, then walked around to see what the auction had for sale.  There was TONS of raw material, farm equipment, and dishes.  I didn't end up buying anything.  :(  I found it funny to see that I was the one who provided the real estate services to the auction.  :)

Amory wanted to go to the city (Columbus) to drive and to shop at Trader Joes.  It was a fun trip for her to drive in the big city!  All she has left before she gets her licsense is to finish the 8 hours of driving with an instructor, and taking the driving test.  POOF!  She is now a driver.  Yeah for her, and for me.

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Fernando Bouley said...

You guys surely had a fun time during the trip. :D It's very relaxing to take trips like this, somewhere away from the metro. This way, you can see sights you don't normally see every day, and such trip will make you realize to cherish the little things in life.