Friday, September 23, 2011

saddle seat apparel . . .

Wake up, drink some coffee, milk a cow, drive to school.  Teach all day, drive back home, make some chalkboards, go to bed.  DO IT AGAIN!  DO IT AGAIN!  DO IT AGAIN!

Since summer, my leisurely schedule has changed. No longer do I get to hang out on the farm and do what I want all day. Now, I am slightly bound to a schedule. Fortunately for me, I like having schedules. :)

I teach art most of the day and on a few occasions I help with intervention groups.  With my groups I am focusing on reading, writing, listening, and speaking.  I think is it a whole new approach that requires a lot of work from the students, but they are enjoying the learning activities.

This weekend is the first event for the OIHA horse team competition.  Both Nolan and Macy will be participating in it this year.  Amory has opted to spend her time this year joining an orchestra.  :)  And tonight Amory and I spent some time helping Nolan get a costume ready for the saddle seat event he will be in tomorrow.  Instead of buying a new riding coat, we talked about it, and last night came up with a plan to sew some extended tails on his hunt seat coat and pin it on for his new event.  When he is finished, we take the pins out and he uses his coat as before!  :)  Amory spent the time sewing the flaps, and I made an old farm hat look like a new derby hat.

The point is for the costume to appear to be saddle seat apparel without spending the $300-$1500 to get a suit.  So far, we were able to come up with a fairly decent costume for $25.00.


LauraT said...

Love your frugality and ingenuity! What is Amory playing in the orchestra? I love schedules, too, and really need them to be optimally productive.

foutfolk said...

Thanks Laura . . . Amory has taken up the viola now and is determined to master it. :) Just two weeks ago we bought Macy a violin and she will start lessons as well. Amory's piano teacher also tutors her in viola, and happens to be the conductor/originator of the Black Swamp Orhcestra.