Wednesday, July 6, 2011

fun as well . . .

Today we finished the bulk of the haying for this year.  It was a few days in the process of cutting, raking, and baling, then us collecting the bales and storing them in the barn.  Our Gator and wagon came in handy with transporting the bales from the field to the Big Barn.  And I am so glad that we have the animal's food for the winter taken care of.  It always is a little stressful to need hay and not be able to get some for awhile.  Now, we have over 300 bales just waiting for winter to come! 
 People have names.  And so do animals. That's how we identify them.  It is a way to distinguish them from each other besides describing a whole bunch of characteristics about them.  With this in mind, the other day I was talking to Macy about one of the garden plots and that I wanted her to do some work in it for me.  I described what was planted in it, and she understood where I wanted her to work.  It then dawned on me to NAME the garden plots that we have!  Since we have six children, I made six garden plots to grow things in.  (I almost always do things in sixes now to represent them) I spent a couple of days thinking about it and as I was working out in the garden the other morning, I came up with a great garden plot naming plan.

I painted the recycled concrete chuncks that I dragged from the woods with the colors that I assigned to the children years ago.  Each child having a different color. It is one of those art teacher things.  :)   And each color has a herb or flower type of name on the paint.  Got to love the paint names today.  So now I can either use the color reference for which garden I want the children to do work in, or I can use the name that I assigned to each plot!

Nolan's color is blue and that garden area is called Chickory.  Amory's color is red and that plot is named Paprika.  Macy's color is orange and named Cinnamon.  Asher is green and that on is called Oregano.  Maine was given yelllow years ago and that plot is named Strawflower.  And since the consensus was to not give Gresham the color purple (following the rainbow pattern) we all decided that his color would be brown.  That garden plot is named Nutmeg.  Seems easy enough, and fun as well.  :)

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LauraT said...

I love it! How creative and personal.