Tuesday, April 19, 2011

pork roast, pork shoulder, pork loin . . .

I brought the pig back from the butcher shop today.  And for some strange reason, I was a little giddy.  Like a boy with a new toy!  Only in this case, a man with a processed pig.  :)

The shop called yesterday and said they were finished sorting it out and packaging it.  The final numbers went like this.  2/3 of the total weight is known as the "dressing weight."  Dressing weight was 234 pounds.  The way the shop figured his "live" weight was to divide the dressing weight in half, then multiply it by 3.  So that is 117 x 3 = 351 pounds.  Based on my measurement calculations, he weighed 344 pound.  I was really close to the weight they said he probably was.

I ended up with 170 pounds of pork cut in pieces like pork roast, pork loin, shoulder, and pork side to name a few.  I also brought the fat home for Ildi to render for her and the girls to use in their cooking.  YUM!

With $242 of feed in him, and about $150 worth of processing charge, that came out to about $2.30 per pound for a freezer full of meat.  For our first attempt at raising our own meat . . . I am one happy camper!  I had the younger boys and Amory help me put it in the basement kitchen freezer.  Next thing on the food list is chicken.  Today I ordered 50 chicks that starts our spring chicken raising season.

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LauraT said...

Wow! A bonanza of "the other white meat"! Send me your favorite ways of cooking it!