Saturday, December 11, 2010

wrecking Christmas . . .

I would have never thought that Nolan would have wrecked one of the vehicles so soon after getting his license.  Yet, that is exactly what happened.  Thank God he and Amory weren't hurt at all, and it could have been much worse than what it was.

He was traveling down a country road on his way to the barn where he and Amory train horses.  After coming out of the woods section he ran into some REALLY slippery ice and lost control of the van.  A few seconds later, they were in a field, after having hit a ditch, and the van was on it's SIDE!  They probably slid ten to fifteen feet before they came to a stop.

We got a call from him saying he wrecked the van, and they were on their way home.  Since both if them were not hurt at all, and not even really shaken up, I told them to have the lady they work with to just take them to the barn to do their work and I would come to pick them up.  On my way there, I was greeted by the sheriff and was instructed to bring them back to the site of the accident.  A couple of hours later we left, cold, and a little bewildered what we were going to do with our inoperable vehicle.

The tow company took the van, reset the wheels that were popped, and checked all the fluids.  We got away with some minor cosmetic damages, missing a mirror, and the door and window will need a little work.  Thank God again for His grace for our lives!


19lt70 said...

So glad to know they are both ok. Ice is not something we really have to deal with in So Cal. Rain, however, can prove very treacherous for silly So Cal drivers.

Lauren W. said...

I read this post late last night before I went to bed.
This morning when I woke up to go to church I found that it was raining.
Needless to say I paid VERY CLOSE attention to the road as I was driving! :)
But, you know what.... it could have happened to anybody.
Thank the Lord that no one was hurt!

thompson said...

Thanking God they are both ok. It's still difficult for me to grasp that little nolo is driving! Give them both a hug and kiss from us (while you're at it, give everyone a big hug and kiss from us!) Missing our Fout friends very much--especially our annual Christmas visit.

Tim Unfreid said...

Let them know we're glad they're ok! Never a dull moment with you all... never a dull moment!