Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Christmas reflections . . .

For the past several Christmas times, we have been slowly decreasing the gifts that we give to each other.  In fact, last year we sort-of skipped Christmas altogether!  It could have something to do with moving during Christmas break time, but it also had to do with not making Christmas a time where we get all kinds of stuff.  We aren't opposed to Christmas or celebrating with gift giving, but we have just moved to a more relaxed kind of Christmas season, not full of shopping and fighting with the crowds of Holiday shoppers.

In contrast, as well as getting a Christmas Tree, this year we decided to give gifts to each other.  Mostly hand-made items.  The children all made things for each other and for Ildi and I, and it was great to see the types of things they come up with.

Shawn and Sherri, friends of ours forever it seems, gave us an ornament each year with our names on it.  We had collected 6 from them over the years and the last two children didn't have one.  This year, Asher decided that he wanted to make one for Maine and Gresham.  Thoughtful young man.  He chose a snowman and a candy cane as the design and I helped him with the drawing and the painting.  He cut them out using the scroll saw and sanded them.  We used the previous ones to model after so they looked like they all form a set.  It was a great gift item for the both of them.  He made a business card holder for me, a wooden pencil holder for Nolan.
Macy developed several items for the family.  For me she sewed a small, satin bag filled with herbs to put in my dresser drawers, and some homemade salve. She made Ildi a knitted, coffee cup warmer, and other items for their brothers and sisters.

Maine crafted small, sewn bookmarks for everyone.  I added a lapel pin to mine and have been wearing it as an art tapestry on my shirt for the day.

Amory up cycled wool sweaters and socks to create some fabulous  useful, costume items.  For Asher she made "armor" from an old, gray, wool sweater I had given her.  For Nolan and I she used wool socks to make wrist warmers.  And she made wool hoods for the girls and Gresham.

Since Nolan has a job and has been making money this past year, he decided to buy some useful gifts for the family.  It hard to see him grow up so much.

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19lt70 said...

How fun and creative and resourceful! We told the kids that this would be a minimal Christmas, and it wasn't crazy, but they have so much fun buying gifts for each other! We have some knitters in the family now, so I think more hand made gifts will be under our tree next year. And I need to start in summertime to get all my gifts sewn and made by Christmas time. So, in just a couple of months I need to start planning for Christmas.Seems kind of crazy, but fun.