Friday, October 22, 2010

a visit to the farm . . .

WOW!  What a fun time at the farm!

Yesterday, the after school program from one of my schools came out to the farm as a field trip.  It was a blast for everyone involved.  65 students arrived to be greeted with a slew of hot dogs and cookies.  And after they ate, it was a free for all with several activities for them to experience.

Nolan took students on the Gator for a ride through the woods.  This was the big hit of the trip for them.

Amory was stationed at the horse riding area.  Horse riding came in second as the favored activity.


Macy worked with the students, and the teachers, on how to milk a cow.  She also supplied fresh cold milk for them to try.  And some of them loved it.

Asher helped the children in and out of the makeshift pig pen so they could pet and feed our little porker.  It was fun to watch the pig, and the children, squeal.

And Maine worked with the children on catching, handling, and feeding chickens.  It was fascinating to see which animals the students gravitated toward.


It was a great time for the students, and for my children as well.  An all around A+ field trip to the farm!

In addition to field trips to the farm, lately I have been thinking about some Bed and Breakfast accommodation ideas as well.  :)


Herrick Kimball said...

Nice. And did you have the new outhouse all ready in time for the event?

foutfolk said...

Yes. Wednesday when I got home from school I finished the last touches of paint to the outside, put some hand wipes and sanitizer in it (for those that are freaked out about that sort of stuff), and put a couple of knickknack things in it to make it pretty.

Maybe in a few days I'll post a picture of it finished. Overall, I am pleased with it, but as you know, if I built another one, I would probably change the design a little. :)