Saturday, October 16, 2010

crossing the creek . . .

Another successful butchering day. And a BEAUTIFUL day at that! The chicken plucker has revolutionized our chicken butchering times. It is a pleasure to process 30 to 40 birds now. This morning, I leisurely got around to setting up our stations knowing it was only going to take a few hours of work to process our birds. I don't even think we got started until 10:30 or so with the first of the bunch. An hour and a half later . . . and we were DONE! Done, like I did not have any more to do than to bag them and put them in the freezer. (of course I had a few minutes of cleaning up to do though) What a world of difference a simple little machine makes.

Today was the first day I sold chicken to a customer as well. A family that has been buying eggs regularly from us decided that they wanted fresh chicken as well. So, later in the afternoon, Keith came over and picked up some chicken along with his egg order. It's fun providing food for others and I am excited to see where this venture of providing meat for others lead us.

Another project I have in the makes is a bridge that crosses our creek in the woods. The bridge serves two purposes. One, it helps us crossing the creek whether on foot or in the Gator. Second, it is a practice for the horses as they have to cross over wood (like a bridge) on the Trail event in horse riding. As part of the Tinora High School Equestrian Team, Amory competed in the equestrian event called Trail where the horse is required to do all sorts of things while the rider only uses one hand on the reins, and leads the horse around by touching the neck of the horse. (it's called reining when you tell a horse what to do only using the reins) Two weeks ago she placed SECOND (2nd) in STATE in the Trail event. That was 2nd place out of 9 teams of horse riders with about 2 to 5 riders from each team competing in that event. Way to go Amory!


19lt70 said...

Impressive! Good for you, Amory! Fresh chicken sounds so good!

Jackie said...

You go Amory!!!!!!!!