Tuesday, September 28, 2010

new farm additions . . .

Pigs actually do come from the sky!

The other day our neighbor came by and asked Macy (or Amory) if we would take a pig off her hands. Apparently, she found a small wondering pig that she thought fell of the feeder pig truck. The day came two days ago when she dropped off this little porker for us to raise and butcher. He's a tiny little thing. :)

I am also in the throws of building our first, genuine, composting OUTHOUSE! I have always been fascinated with outhouses and now am getting around to building one for the farm. It is a one-seater and will come equipped with a hand washing shelf and removable "waste" bucket. I am also planning to have a solar light placed in the ceiling for night-time users.

Charliano is a registered Thoroughbred Race Track horse that couldn't quite "make the grade" at the track and has now become part of the FOUTFOLK FARM. He came a couple of weeks ago, slightly injured from being pushed too hard, and is finding it home here with his look-alike female version (Lady) We all have decide to shorten his name a bit to Arlian. And he is HUGE, and FAST!

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19lt70 said...

What a gorgeous horse! And you have Wilber! (Just don't read "Charlotte's Web" to the younger kids around slaughter time, okay?) What a funny way to acquire a pig.
And the outhouse....this So Cal girl just can't get that excited about that one! Have fun, though!