Monday, June 14, 2010

potpourri of pictures . . .

And the fishing game is on! The youngers have been spending quite a bit of time so far fishing in the pond (and swimming as well). I have yet to eat some of their catch. Just yesterday, a friend showed me how to clean a fish, so I think the next few finds I might just have to try it.

We had our first fishing accident yesterday as well. Gresham, whose all but four now, and wants to fish like the rest of them, got a little "caught" himself. Nothing like a good pair of pliers and some ice to help rescue the finger. At one point, he asked if we could just leave the hook in so he didn't have to see me pull it out. :) For those that are concerned, he is FINE, and he can't even remember what finger it was in.

I had a local farmer/excavator pour and spread some gravel and sand for me last week. Altogether it was around 46 tons of 4/11 gravel for the driveways, and 14 tons of sand for the beach area of the pond. Around here we measure in tons and miles. :)

Grandma, from California, is visiting now. Since she helped me out cleaning the patio, I decided to paint it and finish it. It's like a whole new eating area for us. She is using it quite a bit as her "favorite spot" now.

We are finding tons of little habitat areas around the place as well. Amory found some nests in the cattails on the edge of the water. It is beautiful to see the wild animals making our home their home as well.

Nolan is almost finished with the driving part of getting his driver's license. A week or so and he will be able to drive by himself.

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