Monday, March 29, 2010

new udate on the house . . .

This is what happens when your daughter (Amory) reads Lord of the Rings too much. She has now started writing her own sort of Elvish way on the milk jars! Using a Sharpie marker on the jars was just a plain good idea. I am now on the hunt for an old paint shaker to make our butter!

Below are some more updated house picks. I should be finished with the whole thing by the end of this week since I am on Easter Break now.

This is the upstairs bath to the left of the stairs. The boy's room is straight ahead and I still have that room to finish.

From the bathroom there is a small hallway that leads down to the girl's room on the left, and two other spare bedrooms on the right.

Tomorrow I am wrapping up one of the upstairs bedrooms and fixing some of the windows in the barn.


Barbara said...

1) I have is IMPOSSIBLE to read The Lord of the Rings too much! Have you not heard what Lewis said. (not an exact quote) ... something like, a book that is not worth reading 'again' is not worth reading the first time. Ok ~ that may be a bit extreme, but in the case of TLotR, I have read it, well, maybe 50 times or more since I read it for the first time about 35 years ago. So, I am guessing she OBVIOUSLY has read The Hobbit, but has she read The Silmarillion? Dan LOVED LOVED LOVED it (I think he has finished it 3 times) There are lots of companion books: of course all the Lost Tales books, but then a couple of cool ones that I have are -- The Languages of Tolkien's Middle-earth by Ruth S. Noel; The Atlas of Middle-earth by Karen Wynn Fonstad. I did a quick check at the used books at Barnes and and you can get both of them used for about $2 each. TREASURES!!!
Love the pics! LOVE THEM LOVE THEM.

19lt70 said...

We really need to come visit you! Your house is looking beautiful and so inviting! Laura