Friday, June 19, 2009

meandering . . .

The chickens . . . and the garden are now growing! It is fun to watch them, and the vegetables get bigger and bigger by the week.

My newest venture with farm finds . . . an up-cycled bird bath made from: a metal pole with bed spring wire wrapped around it, an old disc from the neighbors junk pile, a rusted tuna can in the middle, and a sofa spring arched to create some interesting design. All together it stands 4 foot tall and sinks into the ground around 10 inches. This kind of stuff excites me!

A walk through the grass path . . . we have an area that I am letting grow and have mowed a path for the children to walk through it. It meanders through the grass around and back out in two spots. To give you some scale . . . Amory is 5'8" tall.


Patrick said...

You're on a bloggin' bonanza these days... :-)

foutfolk said...

With time on my hand . . . what else is a man supposed to do! Sit around, drink coffee, and write a few lines.

For those that think that I am a lazy . . . you're right :) (I haven't slept in toooo many days so far)

Lindsay said...

Wow! I can't believe Amory is that tall! Well I can. She is now taller than me, just like old times! :)