Saturday, June 27, 2009

eating others . . .

In addition to the 44 chickens we have left (three died the first few days, and some varmint has been eating some others the last few nights) we have some newer kittens around our home. Seven to be exact. Cookie had two and Blacky had five. It is cute to see them follow their mothers around on the front step. They don't venture far from the porch door, and sometimes are under foot when we come out, but it is nice having them around to watch grow.

Since our chickens have been experiencing some trouble with the locals, I told Ildi it would be a great time to get a dog. We are looking into getting a pedigree. We need something to scare off the riffraff. One of the chickens, the children lovingly refer to as "Stumpy," got his/her little leg chewed off by the nasty varmints. Both Amory and Macy have been nursing it back to health by bandaging it, putting salve on it, and mothering it. It has a great life. Sherri Thompson would be PROUD!


lov said...

would you like another cat?

id be willing to give turbo up!

foutfolk said...

Sure, the more the merrier!