Sunday, November 9, 2008

into the woods . . . and beyond

The other morning Nolan and Asher went hunting for the first time. They scoured the woods behind our house with the neighbors looking for squirrels. Since I was at work, their first hunting experience was with their friends and their friend's dad. I guess many fathers would want to have those "first" experiences with their sons, but I am grateful that I have spent time developing relationship with my boys over the years that they don't feel like I am missing out on something when I don't do something with them. It was great to hear the somewhat "boring" story of how it went.

It looks like we will be spending the winter in this rental house. The verbal offer I gave on a house a week or two ago is too low for the buyer. Too bad for him. I am going to stand firm on my offer , and hopefully he will get to a point where what I want to give him for the place will be good in comparison to not selling it at all. There are many properties out here for sale. Many that are GREAT buys. When we first started looking, 5 acres seemed like plenty. Now, it feels like we are holding out for more land. Hopefully today we will look again at a new property.

The children are all changing rapidly. Nolan is taller and smarter than me me now, and Amory is close to passing me up in height. She is constantly in the kitchen working and is maturing into a wonderful young lady. Macy is developing as a writer, reader, artist and I am delighted in watching her grow in grace when being corrected. Asher and Maine seem to be in the middle stage of growth where not much size is gained, but their intellectual, verbal, and skill levels are rapidly growing. And then there is Gresham. It is so much fun having a young two year old in the house. It is fascinating to watch the olders interact with him.


kimb said...

It was so great to hear how the children are doing. I miss all of you SO much. I'll keep praying for the "right" house. Much love-Kim

Celt said...

Those prices will most likely drop even further. Don't sweat it, you have time. More bubbles will (unfortunately) burst over the next three-six months driving the prices on many things down.

Good to hear you are all doing well. Good luck with the hunting!

rob said...

Sorry, that above is an old profile, don't pay any attention to it. ;) I used to go by 'Celt'.

lov said...

i blogged about you
hope that is ok!