Wednesday, April 16, 2008

signs of life...

So many little things to report on today. First, the robin's nest has had some additions over the last few days. The children are excited to watch the process of baby birds being born. Next, Nolan build a bird house last year and it has it's first homeowners. Chickadees! The eggs are so small they look like jelly beans. The ones that are speckled and are flavored like buttered
popcorn. (that's gross by the way)

Next, Macy has been growing moss and recently transplanted some of it inside in a terrarium. Asher found a turtle and he has now joined the tank. All of the children took part in designing the environment for the turtle. Rocks, wood for climbing, a small pond. I can't wait to get our farm so that they can really spend some time learning about and caring for animals. I guess this is a good way for them to start.

Here are the teeny tiny little eggs of the chickadee bird. It's a good thing the roof of the birdhouse comes off. Amory's birdhouse has some sort of nesting material in it but it doesn't seem to be housing any animals yet. This weekend will be my trip up to Ohio to go to a job fair in the Dayton area. I made another portfolio of my student's work and am excited to share it with the people I meet. I am however getting a little tired of the "finding a new job" stuff. I just went through it last year at this time.

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Ginny said...

Wow. Nifty. I love to watch birds and their babies. We have a dove family we are watching in the tree in front of our house. Last year, it was a robin nest on the back porch. :-D The year before, it was a wren's nest in a can. heehee